Get Personalised Guidance for Your UK Medical Career

Even after reading hundreds of FREE articles and watching hours of explanatory videos, you may feel that individual things remain unclarified. Many of you have asked to sit down with us to get career guidance based on YOUR own circumstances. So that is what we are doing now!

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Let us be a part of your success story of making a career in the UK as a doctor!

How do you get helped by guidance sessions?

  • You get face-to-face video conferencing time with either Dr Ibreez or Dr Ibrahim (depending on whom you book with)
  • We assess your situation from a completely your personal perspective, give advice from our knowledge and experience
  • You get access to a priority category in RoadToUK Forum

Should You Book a Session with us?

  • Are you confused about which route is the best for you to pursue?
  • Have you been looking for comprehensive guidance about your UK career?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve your chances to get into your desired specialty?
  • Did you go through the articles and videos but still require more clarification based on personal circumstances?

If your answer to these questions are NO, then kudos! You have it figured out already! If YES, then choose the type of the session from below.

General Sessions

We have removed ALL categories and made our RoadToUK personalized guidance sessions as OPEN format as possible.

Specific Sessions

Some topics are beyond general discussion and requires more of a professional help and review. See what sessions we offer.

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